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Tuesday + Thursday Max 2hr slots 6pm-8pm 8:15/8:30-10:30pm Friday Max 2hr slots 3:45-5:45pm 6pm-8pm 8:15/8:30-10:30 Saturday Max 2hr slots 1:30-5:45pm available to book anytime. 6pm-8pm 8:15/8:30-10:30

Milk Tuesday – 6-10:30pm
Rascals Thursday – 6-10:30pm
Bourbon x Milk x Rascals Friday – 6-10:30pm
Bourbon x Milk x Rascals Saturdays – 6-10:30pm
Seating only Max 6 people per table from 3 households
All 2 hour slots Contact details required for all customers
£5 pre authorisation taken per person and charged for no shows.

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